There are several methods I use to clear places, spaces, people and animals;
  • I use a French 'Virtual Cone' pendulum to test for specific bandwidths of beneficial and detrimental frequencies.
  • I use shapes, patterns, numbers, colors and prayer or mantra to transmute detrimental frequencies, not just send them over to the neighbors'.
  • Another way I work is to dialog with conscious beings in Spirit who help by providing information and the actual energy of transmutation, or who can help with conflict resolution for distressed spirits.
  • I doublecheck my work afterwards with a pendulum to ensure quality and completion of the task.
  • And I always calibrate the work to the highest good of all beings, being sure not to interfere with karma or higher order plans that are not readily evident.
  • The cost of each project is specific to the condition of the place and needs of the owners. Contact me and we'll discuss your needs and your budget to determine an estimate.


I have done a series of remote land and house clearings using the satellite imagery of Google Earth software. I capture the image of the property and work with it in PhotoShop on my computer, first dowsing and mapping out affected areas and then applying layers of the proper shapes to the captured image in the right orientation and number to shift the detrimental frequencies. I still get a kick from measuring the same image before and after the clearing and seeing the difference!

If I'm not satisfied with the Google Earth image, or the work requires intensely detailed dowsing and plotting of grid lines, I use the DeLorme atlas series of highly detailed maps and put the corrections right on my scanned images from the atlas. Works beautifully and the finished maps actually become art.



I did extensive energy clearing for a pediatric cardiologist's clinic at a Children's Medical Center. Although this doc was clearly a loving and gentle physician, there were residual energies of fear and suffering stacked up in the corners of all the rooms of his clinic. The windows and doors required special attention as well to transmute the detrimental surrounding energy of the hospital, where more fear and suffering were floating around. The Ancestor Spirits of the land were also unhappy about disrespectful development, so I did ceremony to honor and thank them.


I did energy clearing and balancing for a progressive oncology clinic where the open-minded doc was feared and resented by his not-so-progressive peers. I recall there was at least one lawsuit pending, initiated by another doctor, not by the patient who had enjoyed a successful remission.

At that facility, I found very detrimental energy right in front of the entryway through which every patient had to pass. I transmuted the energy so that each patient was bathed in healing frequencies (and subconsciously felt good) as they approached the front door. Then I reinforced healthy, viable energetic boundaries for the entire clinic and its parking lot. I did energy clearing and balancing specific to the function of each and every room, testing for emanations of the highest frequencies possible. I made sure all the pharmacy shelves were emitting high harmonics to charge the pharmaceutical supplies, particularly the ones used for the IV chelation drips.



I did a big clearing on an acupuncture clinic where the former doc/owner had suddenly died. This required work with him, to help him let go, and work with his widow and her sister. There was alot of grief energy stuck in corners and clinging to the walls, from bereaved patients as well as staff. I colorbalanced all the windows and doors, dowsed all the detrimental Hartmann, Curry and Benker lines and set up corrections. The next day, several patients thought the clinic had been freshly painted!



I did a chiropractor's office located in a small strip mall. The clinic was already pretty clean of detrimental energies from suffering patients, as the chiropractor was conscious of energy clearing techniques herself. I remember working to reinforce a protective grid beneath the floor, as there was a large toxic influence from the ground itself that appeared to be coming from surrounding businesses and perhaps city infrastructure too, which I did have permission to alter.

After I had cleared and color balanced the whole place, she told me she had been thinking of retiring because she was tiring of her practice, but that after the clearing she felt revitalized and uplifted. Still practicing as far as I know.


I worked with a client recovering from ovarian cancer who tested 'on' for geopathic stress. We agreed I would do an assessment and clearing on her home, a nicely built house on some acreage near the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

As stunning as the land (and the view) was, I found some extremely detrimental energies riding piggyback on the naturally beneficial grid lines that flowed down from the crest of the Divide for miles and miles. This detrimental bandwidth flowed through TWO reservoirs and the local town, which was rumored to have been cursed by local Natives displaced by the influx of white settlers. When I checked in with the Spirit of the land, I was given very specific and limited permission to clear certain areas. I was instructed to leave the town alone...guess there was still some karma to be worked out there.



I worked with a breast cancer survivor who also had very detrimental energies embedded in the natural earth grids of her home in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado . She was so deeply linked with her land that when we cleared her of the detrimental frequencies in her physical body, her land frequencies cleared too, through their resonance with each other.

I was so surprised to discover this! I had tested the land upon my arrival to confirm the detrimentals I felt before I even got out of the car. When I tested again in preparation for clearing the land, (after first clearing the client), the land then tested clear! I learned alot about linkage possibilities from that one!




I worked to clear a retreat center in the Sangre de Cristo range that had once been a rehabilitation home for inner city juvenile delinquents, years before. The place had a reputation for being haunted, and among those encountered was the confused and sad spirit of a young man killed by sudden street-violence. He'd attached himself to a living brother who eventually came to the rehab home in the mountains. The kid wasn't evil himself, just caught up in the darkness. We sent him on home with blessings and (a firm) guiding light.

Flooding the place with specific high frequencies (identified by both French and Egyptian research on radiesthesia), brought things out of corners and up to the surface. Much of the detrimental frequencies and areas were transmuted directly by the shapes I applied to the fields. But there were several instances where incarnated human participation or negotiation was indicated, as with our young gangsta ghost.

Although situated on a strong power spot, the center was also subjected to an entire spectrum of detrimental energies emanating down from the crest of the range's ridgeline. They appeared to be sourced from an underground military base, which I did not presume to shift. I consulted the Spirit of the land and cleared a precise area as instructed. The owner of the retreat center, an extraordinary energy healer herself, felt the palpable shift of the clearing and was generous in her kindess.