Rivers Sterling, Intuitive, Science & Spirit
You don't have to believe or understand it for this to work.
~As an intuitive, I can sense imbalances in the different layers of the client's Being. I dowse with a pendulum to confirm my accuracy.
~I work within a clearly defined infrastructure of Science and Spirit, which provides balance, stability, insight, and guidance to prioritize issues and identify optimal treament modalities.
~I always ask if I am the right resource for each client.
~If I am not, I help the client determine who the appropriate practitioner is for their situation. Sometimes, the client may need ongoing hands on work from someone in their area, or a practitioner with different skills and resources than myself. I can help determine which practitioner has the highest resonance with the client .
Rings of Resonance
I created a master table, The Rings of Resonance, of all the protocols and remedies I have learned over the years. With the client, we dowse our way through through this Master Chart to create a unique healing journey, often addressing the same issue from the different vantage points of different lineages, each contributing another layer of depth and thoroughness to the process.


Many sessions are done on the phone, using the principle of Resonance for long distance consultations and energy work.

Empowerment is one of the strongest tools for healing I know.


~I've designed the work to function as teaching tools, so clients can learn how to help themselves. Suffering can be a learning experience, so we look to transform suffering into wisdom and insight. If you banish the pain without the lesson learned, it often returns in one way or another. Transformation and centering around a clear infrastructure are key.
  ~I've created detailed handouts for clients who are motivated and inspired to further their development.
  ~Each client receives an emailed jpeg of my scanned notes from their session, to help review and deepen insight.
  ~I record each session so the client has the option of downloading an mp3 file that captures details and ah ha! moments to relive.
"No pain for the 1st time!" __ SALT LAKE CITY, UT
The work ranges from very basic lifestyle & diet suggestions
to transforming reactions to allergens & other stressors...,
My allergy to plastics was cleared & I was able to
make it through my surgery without a hitch.
Thank you so much! __BLUE MOUND, TX
to identifying & clearing old emotional trauma...
You helped me to become centered
when I was so distraught.__ABIQUIU, NM
to transmuting sabotauging mental constructs,........
to creating coherence in the brain, physical & subtle bodies...
The night you worked with me over the phone was incredible.
I am off of crutches, canes & pain killers__WASHINGTON DC.
& working to clarify sense of destiny...
You made me feel like such a special person.
You helped me to have vision.__RHYTHMFEST, GA
All this culminates in a focus to optimally
revive, balance & link
all 7 layers of our Being, nested one in the other.
Well grounded in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry & geometry,
I focus resonance & intent
into the energetic realms of Quantum Physics & Spirit
to connect with healing
at deep, blueprint levels of Being.
You don't have to believe or understand Deep Energy for this to work.