CureVille GuestBook 2004
What Y'All Wrote:
I'm the 1st in the Book! Woohoo! This place is Kerrific. Check out Laura B for the best massage.
Acupuncture is so relieving...ahhh. You're all fantastic. After 2 treatments I feel 100 % better: less congested, my nasal passages feel clean of kalichi & no more stiff neck. I felt results almost immediately. Thanks everyone.
My 2nd trip & the relief is awesome. What a treat to have stress relief on the Ranch. This is invaluable to me. Thanks so much.
You guys rock with a hardcore vengeance. I was far beyond impressed with the hospitality et. al. Rock on!
I always feel so much better when I leave Cureville. Through the last 3 years, everytime I have had any problem yall have always been there, along with everyone else. We all love you & keep up the great work.
Just wanted to thank CureVille for curing my arthritis with acupuncture. I was able to go a day without meds for the 1st time in a very long time. Viva Jill!!

Julie & Stewart were GREAT! Loving, sympathetic, empathetic & healing by their very presence.

Pam & Rachel took great care of me. The CureVille staff is so caring & healing. Thanks for fixing/curing/healing my sprained ankle.
Turtle--You Guys Rule. NAMASTE!
Dear CureVille, Allison did an ab-fab job on me with her acupuncture! I felt great! She was awesome!!!! Thank U!!!!
Turtle rocks!
Pam was wonderful, a caring, giving, lovely woman. I can breathe again.
We came to CureVille because my 1 year old had swollen red eyes & a runny nose. I thought he might have pink eye. And after taking some homepathic medicine his nose. stopped running immediately & the next morning his eyes were back to normal. Yeah! What a great service! Thank you.
I am a sponsor but volunteered for staff because I wanted to give something back to the festival. How nice to be able to get my aching body realigned. Felt great! Thanks to Beth & Owen who worked on me last time.
Thanks so much. The massage was marvelous & healing. Thanks!
Many thanks. You made my stay at the Ranch so much better. My back has had less pain because of you. Actually no lower back pain for 3 days. Makes volunteering great to have this to do.
Being a potty patrol member is important & fulfilling, especially when people appreciate the clean bathrooms. But you guys are the ones that make it possible, relaxing us & making the hard work easier to bear. You're all blessed. Namaste.
This place, CureVille, is SUCH A GIFT! I received my 2nd acupuncture experience EVER, (with Jennifer the Great) & besides a healing experience, I felt so ATTENDED TO, So Special! I believe that giving to us, the volunteer staff so generously in this way can only make the Kerrville experience better for everyone. A happy participant shares that positivity with everyone around them. Its infectious. We work better, play better, make community tighter. Thank You.
Thank you Rick. You rock!
I would have quit & gone home with the back pain that CureVille so adeptly treated me for. As a KerrLeader, that would have been bad all around. With the body work & counseling on how to maintain it, I can return to my shift this afternoon & feel good about it. I am resolutely convinced that CureVille is a necessary service & integral part of Kerrville. Much love.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You've released me of some pain I've been carrying awhile. I deeply appreciate your care & love.
Thanks alot for all the great help. You people work really hard & do a great job.
Thank you all so much for the selfless giving you have brought to the Ranch. I greatly appreciate what all of you bring out here & look forward to the many years ahead of what your warming hearts have to bring. All of my massages have been more than wonderful. I couldn't go on Recycling without you guys.
Thank you so much for being here to treat our bodies & soothe our souls. I had a badly infected insect bite & Pam shared her knowledge & treated my wound. It has improved greatly. I really appreciated her kind & gentle hands and the caring she has shown all of us. Love.
Thank you CureVille for taking the time to cure me. I was having many back problems bur you all helped lower the pain. I will come back & try to pass on the love.
Thank you CureVille. Blessings & Blissings. I am a divine & whole being. All is well.
To Jill, You have a great career in front of you. Your acupuncture technique is great. I felt so much better!! Thank You.
Wonderful massage from Hannah. She addressed what was sore & more. Realized we probably all need more foot massages from walking on the uneven ground so much. Thank you, CureVille.
I had an amazing massage. There is no way that I could make through the festival without the wonderful healing of CureVille.
After a hectic weekend, I really needed that massage. It is so nice to totally relaax. You all are such a blessing to us. We really appreciate it. (long time crew member who remembers when you weren't here.)
The massage was fabulous. Thank you so much for offering this space. It is blessed to have this opportunity here at KFF. Thanks again for this Divine space.
A BIG warm wet (its been raining all day today!) thank you to all the CureVille staff for creating such a healing & centering place in an otherwise totally delightful but sometimes overstimulating environment. Thank you Suzanne for the legs & feet massage you gave me this morning as I listened to the pleasant pitter patter of the rain dancing on CureVille's tin rooftop.
Yeah.... the rain beats any whale song tinkle bell CD. CureVille is an oasis of calm & rest to help balance the pace of all the endless sounds & talking of the camp. (Thanks to Suzanne & Gretchen especially.)
Thank you all so much. Thank you Joseph!
My neck never felt better.
Great connection & healing. Peace & Love.
The rain stopped yesterday, but as my body tension was gently brushed away to a better place, beautiful deep tones strings sang a lovely song, & a soft rain echoed in my mind's ear. Thanx.
Dear CureVille, As I waited for my massage, I sat back in my chair, focued on the green waving leaves of the live oak & the fragrant smell of the little juniper on the road. And I meditated, dozed off to the deep resonating vibrations of the cello. Thank you for all that you do...the vibe here is very healing! Love & Peace.
Sweet relievers have made a new believer of me Jenny's great hands healing touch, smooth spirit fixes so much gratefully yours. My headache's left the Ranch.
I so appreciate the loving care that I received here from Chris & everyone. It was the most peaceful time that I have spent at Kerrville & I am grateful to havae been worked in when there was a no show. Peace, Love & Light.
Made a big difference in my world.