Front Desk Divas
Front Desk Job Description
This is a Front Lines gig. FD sets the tone for each patient's visit, welcoming, discerning & delivering on time.
FD books appointments, assesses patients' needs (triage), & handles stressed & sometimes demanding people. Since CureVille cannot treat everyone, its FD that decides who needs help the most. FD gives priority to the wounded, the exhausted & those who have not yet had a treatment. FD limits patients to one treatment per weekend unless approved otherwise. Firm boundaries are required to handle the big need.
FD is a demanding gig, requiring humor, patience, compassion, centeredness & the ability to juggle & creatively problem solve. Throw in some 1st Aid skills (class available) & you're ready to wear the CureVert tshirt.
Front Desk contact: Marcus Gould