CureVille Seeks Management Volunteers



Volunteers are needed to participate in the onsite management of CureVille, a free, clinic-without-walls that operates 1 month a year @ KerrVille Folk Festival.  The clinic has a staff of 100 volunteers who work together to provide one thousand free health care sessions to the crews that make the Festival happen.


CureVille has a management level of 6 to 8 people who coordinate clinic activity onsite:


These new management volunteers DO NOT have to have medical skills…


Our volunteers include acupuncture interns from AOMA, the Academy of Oriental Medicine, who receive credit towards licensure thru their CureVille clinic hours.  They are supervised by MD/PhDs onsite.  Paperwork is completed in compliance with the TX Boards of Medical Examiners & Quality Assurance.  In addition to acupuncture, we have a massage unit, naturopathic first aid & a new department of energy medicine.


From January until Festival in May/June, we meet weekly to organize this year’s clinic & to create a training manual for future crews. 


Management volunteers (MVs) are encouraged to attend all these meetings, but are only required to attend 4 prefest & accept responsibility for 3 4-hour CureVille management shifts onsite at the Festival (minimum 1 weekend).  (You can combine massage shifts, front desk, 1st aid or acupuncture shifts with MV shifts to meet the minimum.)


In exchange for your onsite work, you receive a wristband for backstage & all camping areas, access to hot showers & 2 meals a day @ Staff Kitchen plus drink tickets.


In exchange for your prefest work, you receive training in the operation of a wilderness clinic in a disaster relief format.  You’ll also participate in the creation of a training manual that will help future healthcare activists provide community outreach services to underserved populations.


KerrVille Folk Festival runs the last week of May & the 1st 2 weeks of June.  Most participants camp on the grounds, a large ranch in Texas hill country.  Up to 12,000 people participate each year, many coming from all over the country.  It is an extraordinary gathering, a cultural phenomena where many worlds intersect in peaceful, creative, joyful celebration of the power of music & community. 


If you’re interested in participating, contact Marcus Gould