Community OutReach Free Clinic..
MONDAY MAY 22 - SUNDAY JUNE 11, 2006..
acupuncture & herbs...
bodywork: massage, shiatsu & cranialsacral...
naturopathic alt aid & energy medicine...
natural health education: qi gong, alt aid & bodywork CEUs ..
....backstaged annually @
in alliance with
  ...KerrVille Folk Festival
Academy of
LionHeart Institute
Oriental Medicine: Austin
of Transpersonal Energy Healing
in support of all the KFF volunteers that Make It Happen
CureVille Clinic Guestbook 2004
SlideShow of CureVille's Early Years
what you wrote when you were in our care
good background info & great grafix
Interested in volunteering with us? Here are ways you can participate:
,,naturopathic 1st aid class
,,energy work
..front desk  
..setup & breakdown
Now filling positions for 2006
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Namaste, Y'All!